19 Jul 2010, 11:31am
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New Year’s Resolution Update – Part 2

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Here are the additional Criterion Collection movies I’ve seen since my last post:

  1. I Fidanzati (195) (Criterion Collection link)
  2. The Marriage of Maria Braun (204) (Criterion Collection link)
  3. Hiroshima Mon Amour (196) (Criterion Collection link)
  4. Night and Fog (197) (Criterion Collection link)
  5. Ali – Fear Eats the Soul (198) (Criterion Collection link)
  6. Schizopolis (199) (Criterion Collection link)
  7. Veronika Voss (205) (Criterion Collection link)
  8. Umberto D. (201) (Criterion Collection link)
  9. Jimi Plays Monterey/Shake! Otis at Monterey (169) (Criterion Collection link)
  10. Lola (206) (Criterion Collection link)
  11. The Pornographers (207) (Criterion Collection link)
  12. Knife in the Water (215) (Criterion Collection link)
  13. Through a Glass Darkly (209) (Criterion Collection link)
  14. Winter Light (210) (Criterion Collection link)
  15. The Silence (211) (Criterion Collection link)
  16. Richard III (213) (Criterion Collection link)

The last five are by far my favorites out of this group. “The Marriage of Maria Braun” is also an exceptional film. Of course, “Night and Fog” as well as “Ali: Fear Eats the Soul” has extreme historical importance and “Schizopolis” is just wacky Soderbergh…which is valuable for being unique.

I’ve decided to move in with my girlfriend. So we purchased a 46″ LED television and a new entertainment center. Once we get a new A/V receiver, the visual and auditory experience I’ll have with each of these movies will be a little bit better. I’m excited about all of these things. I plan to continue the 1 Criterion movie per week contract with myself.

Since the company I worked for was acquired, I haven’t been able to go to the gym as much. This issue is multiplied by the fact that my back is still giving me problem and I’ve have a strange issue with my shoulder for the last 2 months. Regardless, I’ve dropped 5 pounds since my last writing, which is still not meeting my target, but I have aspirations to start running when I can and doing weights whenever I can get into the gym. That will help with the 1 pound per month contract.