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Tracking Notable Bay Area Eateries

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A couple years ago, I started a monthly supper club. A few friends and I would get reservations at a trendy place and make a night of it. To figure out where we would go every month, I started a list of places I had been wanting to dine at in SF and asked the fellas to do the same.

We kept it up for six months or so. Ame (1-star Michelin), Atelier Crenn (2-star Michelin), 4505 Burgers & BBQ (change of pace) and some others made the cut. Since then, I kept returning to the spreadsheet to see if I had made any progress on checking things from the list. I shared it with friends, but never used it as a serious tool.

But then Megan’s sister came to town and we went to three Michelin donned “Bib Gourmand” restaurants. Then I discovered that the other lists (7×7’s “100 Things to Eat…Before You Die” and Eater 38) had some gems that I couldn’t miss. So I went big. I added the entire list of Michelin designations from 2016 down to 2013 (one to three stars and all of the Bib Gourmands). Then I added the Eater 38 from Winter 2016. Then started with the current Eater SF Heatmap and the 7×7 list. I updated with James Beard winners from 2016, 2015 and 2014 and finished with Michael Bauer’s Top 100 from 2015 list.

I found that separating by region was useful. I combined SF and East Bay, Marin and Wine Country, and the Peninsula and South Bay. Eventually, I broke out East Bay as it’s own tab. I’m keeping track of which I’ve been to and my grading of them in a separate sheet so that I could share¬†something without personal bias or remarks.

So for folks who care as much as me, have at it.¬†I’m expecting people to point out issues, mistakes, glaring exclusions (Heirloom Cafe? Bix?)

I’ll be keeping this up to date sporadically, and fixing problems. I’m also planning to hone in on an algorithm to stack rank the restaurants based on designations they have received weighted by the level of difficulty or honor bestowed with each. I expect this to be copied by foodies and others.

Finally, a one stop shop to find every restaurant that the most respected food journalists talk about in the Bay Area.