19 May 2010, 7:11am

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The company I work for, MOTO Development Group, was acquired by Cisco this week. The entire team has been waiting for their offer letters before we really make any conclusions, but this is going to be detrimental to the cohesion of the existing team. Already, there are about 10 people who will not be joining us at Cisco(CSCO) either by choice or by redundancy. Some of them were ready to retire, so it was a great opportunity to get out ahead.
Personally, I’m extremely excited about this opportunity. If it means everything they say it means, then I have no problems. I cannot get into what our role is going to be there, but it’s assumed to be an important one.
Does anyone have experience with mergers from my point of view? How did it go? What would you’ve done differently if you had to do it again?